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Booking a CBT/EMDR session

You may have been advised by a professional (GP, psychiatrist etc.) to access CBT/EMDR or you may have decided yourself that it is the therapy of choice for you.

You might, however, be unsure of which psychotherapy or counselling approach might help you more based on your current issues. Going for the wrong approach for your needs might mean that you waste precious time and money.

As a starting point, I am happy to offer a FREE 15 minute phone consultation so we can talk briefly about what currently brings you to therapy and discuss whether CBT would be useful to you.

A next step is usually an initial 60 minute consultation so we can meet and decide whether CBT/EMDR can help you at this stage in your life and plan together  a way forward. 

However, this consultation can also be a one-off and you will not be committing yourself to a therapeutic contract, especially if you are still ambivalent about therapy.  Even if we decide not to work together I will make sure to make appropriate suggestions as to what therapeutic approach might be beneficial for you based on what we have discussed.



You can contact me via email:

or by phone:

07999 960 881 (TEXT ONLY)

*Please note that I do not answer the phone directly as I get a lot of cold calls so please leave a voicemail with your details (name, number and request for CBT or coaching) or send me a text or email and I will do my best to get back to you as soon as possible


Appointments are offered:


Harley street



Last for 50-55 minutes

Take place mainly in the morning or afternoon (but there may be limited availability for early evening sessions)

Are available in English or in Greek


Sliding scale depending on location

"A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step"

(Lao Tzu)

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